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A1Coin has announced the details of its latest token event with more than 200 million tokens initially available for backers around the world.

The crypto world is full of pump and dump schemes and other scams that are tarnishing the image of the industry. Instead of increased transparency that is the hallmark of the decentralized movement, we are getting useless coins with centralized control that have no practical transactional ability in them. With the floodgates of all these shallow cryptocurrencies opened, it is becoming difficult to spot the next big opportunity that will revolutionize the landscape of the industry.

Introducing A1 Coin

A1 Coin and its lightning-fast transactions driven platform aims to transform the landscape of many other industries like marketing, advertising, hosting, domain registration, bidding, medicine, real estate, space research, Ecology, electronics, clothing, etc and other human endeavours of the present and future.

The platform allows users to buy/sell products and services with the help of the native A1 tokens with hassle free transactions. In a world full of vague cryptocurrency projects that promise nothing, A1 is grounded in its belief that with the right kind of transparency and quality, it can offer something concrete and worth investing in for backers around the world.

E-Commerce and Listings

Blockchain technology is at the forefront of technological innovation and disruption around the world including e-commerce itself. So, a seamless and secure transactional currency like the A1 Coin and e-commerce can be a useful partnership in a world of slow payment systems. Alibaba, Amazon and other big players in the e-commerce market have shown positive attitude towards adopting new payment methods and A1 Coin aims to fill this crucial gap that has not yet been filled.
A1 Coin has already been listed on three decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges operating right now and is also available on the Binance’s Trust Wallet for safe deposits and transactions.

A1 Coin will undergo a token event in the near future with a total supply of 222,000,000 (222 million) A1 tokens. During the ICO almost 60,000,000 (60 million) coins will be available for backers.10 million tokens will be available for private sales and the remaining tokens are at the discretion of the founders. The Airdrop Campaign An ambitious airdrop campaign of 20 million tokens will be held in the near future by the A1 team in which more than 1,00,000 accounts will be credited with 200 coins per account.

The coin is available for exchange on:





Transparency Initiative

In the interest of being transparent to backers around the world, the A1 Coin team has decided to make public its smart contracts features:


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