My “Programming ” Journey Thus Far

The reality is that at some point in life, we all go through various degrees of struggle. But we get to choose how we respond to it. We have the power to build an unstoppable mindset. Any successful person alive today is a testament to that infinite capacity of the human potential.

My most challenging experience thus far is still fresh and keeps me going each day. My first love and biggest fear — Computer Programming was the toughest and impossible course to deal with while i was in school, it is worthy of note that i studied Computer science from one of the best schools in the country. We pride ourselves that because we believe it is actually true as the NUC ranking never stopped placing us on top three best schools in Naija. However, our lecturers didn’t seem to understand the modern day programming or maybe they lacked the skills to coach us on in-depth programming. These lecturers inflicted fear in us.They made us feel as though they brought the skills from above.

I carried this fear for years and vowed to overcome it someday. I had chosen banking as my career choice before i graduated since programming was proving to be a herculean task. Alas, God said yes to my wish as i got a job with one of the commercial banks in the country. This development made me sway away from my first love — Programming. Few years into banking, i realized i had to trace my steps back to my first love and reignite the relationship but this time devoting my 1000% energy into it. I ran this idea through some friends of mine and they gave various kind of feedback but i was determined to do it someday. We all know learning javascript requires lots of determination (which i possess) and devotion/time (Which i do not have) so i kept on procrastinating. Determined to do this by all means, i employed a freelance programmer to tutor me ever weekend and we had agreed on a fee, this was short-lived as my teacher got a job in Abuja. Devastated, i decided to move on to the next opportunity to learn programming.

Prior to this, when i heard about Andela, i thought it was some of those random recruiters sending broadcast messages to unaware young graduates/scholars and swindling them of cash, the reality dawned on me when lots of my friends were chanting praises of the new tech savior in town. Happy now!, i sent in my application after i was sure i was fully ready. Now another Challenge- i had to read the home study to pass. As a banker who works with the corporate banking division of a commercial bank, time is a luxury you can never afford. Most times, we do not remember to have lunch and when our neighbors see us in the house by 8pm they ask why we are back early. The spirit in me was not ready to give up. So i started taking my laptop to work. I yank it in my trunk everyday and stays there until 8pm everynight when i bring it up to my office and study till 11:30pm. I did this everyday for more than five weeks. After the fifth week, i was already in tune with python to a substantial level.

It was time for the test and i felt i was very ready. The ten module test took me two weeks to complete but i finished before the deadline elapsed. Unfortunately , i did not make it to the interview stage. I was sad and tears literally almost rolled down my cheeks. My friends laughed at me and tagged me I still was not ready to give up. I forged ahead and reapplied. Wrote the test and this time i passed both test and interview. Currently at the bootcamp and i feel like am the dullest person in the class most of the guys here are freelance programmer. I am just a banker trying to follow my chic- programming. However, i would not allow that weigh me down. I am forging ahead and aiming for a spot as an andela software developer.


1. Instead of avoiding challenges, jump into them. Beat and drag the heck out of them. Enjoy the flow. If your challenges seem too large or numerous, do not give up. Failing makes you tired. Instead, reorganize. Find more determination, more knowledge, more help.

2. God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.

3. Disappointments are like road bumps, they slow you down a bit but you enjoy the smooth road afterwards.. Don’t stay on the bumps too long. Move on!

Go ahead and start handling challenges in life

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