Being an entrepreneur. Once again!

My journey so far!

Working in Founders Office, throughout my career.

I had always envisioned building something of my own that could make a difference in the world. Fortunately, I found the right people to guide me to this goal right from my college 🙂 I was also clear, while I’m jumping on to build something — I wanted to closely work with only Founders to understand their mindset of running startups.

Stoned Santa

Right from my 2nd year of college, I started working with Shashank Shekhar for building Stoned Santa, an IIM Bangalore incubated startup. Shashank knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and he made sure that he gave me all the right guidance to be one.

Here I am talking about how I scaled to 3.5M views on Quora and drove a revenue of 20L to Stoned Santa through Organic Quora Marketing
A great successful campaign that landed us a lot of brand awareness and new customers.
People flocked to us to help us with the campaign


I got a LinkedIn message from Kalyan Varma, Founder of Almabase about the role of an SDR. Since I had no idea about the B2B SaaS community and the role of an SDR — I wanted to give this a shot. In hindsight, I think this was the best decision I took of moving into SaaS 😀

  • SDR's role taught me to constantly face rejections and still hustle to hit my quotas.
  • How to build a kickass culture while scaling.
  • How to build better processes in companies by putting more emphasis on the right documentation.

How did I apply at Outplay?

When we talk about a few B2B Indian SaaS companies that make a hell lot of noise on LinkedIn — Outplay is the first name that comes into the picture! And that’s how I was introduced to Outplay.

A 19-minute video about my journey in Stoned Santa and Almabase
A personalised deck about why I wanted to be the Chief of Staff at Outplay eventually 😀

My Journey at Outplay

Whenever I think of Outplayers, all I can think about is hustle 💪 And that’s what I loved about Outplay when I interviewed it. My role in the Founders Office was to execute multiple sales, marketing, and hiring projects — take them from 0 to 1 and then hand them off to the respective teams.

  • Executing 30Under30 SDRs in India — One of the biggest campaigns in India in 2022.
  • Executing Call of Fame — Spotify for Cold Calls
Call of Fame — The Spotify for Cold Calls
  • Other projects included active involvement in hiring, company-wide documentation and taking strategic decisions on GTM.

Now what?

I felt right now was the best time for taking the leap of faith of building something of my own — A dream that I always had right from my college.



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