Elaine Lee — Optimize Your On-line Shopping Experiences!

With background in psychology and advertising, Elaine is now a product design lead in eBay working on AI-enabled experiences.

“Creating good user experiences is combing user needs with business, technology, and design goals.”

In eBay, Elaine and her team design the eBay ShopBot which allows users to interact with the service just like chatting with friends on Facebook. With the artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), eBay ShopBot knows your size, saves your money, gets your taste and better your shopping experiences.

Q: How did you start in this field?
I started my design career as an advertising art director in NYC, moved into product design at startups big and small, and am now a product design lead at eBay in SF working on AI-enabled experiences. I didn’t go to art school nor design school. I have a background in psychology (BA) and advertising (MA), both of which lead me to become a stronger product-minded designer.

Q: How does UX be applied in eBay?
I’m a product designer. To me that means being versatile in what we can do as while building a product. We’re able to design user flows, interfaces, visuals, and content. We prototype to conduct research or to get our point across. We write. We think like a product manager, a business owner, an engineer, a person, and sometimes we think like computers. We do whatever it takes to get a product out the door. Not all design teams require product designers to embody and be responsible for all of these things. But, we never only use one design skill as product designers. We use everything we can to create usable product experiences.

Q: What is the most valuable insight or most difficult part about implementing UX in your job?
Creating good user experiences is combing user needs with business, technology, and design goals.

Q: In the past one year, what is the most memorable story you’d like to share?
I was trying to buy a cup of coffee in Shanghai with cash and was rejected. The barista was trying to explain to me that I can only use WeChat or AliPay. I had neither. I offered all the cash in my pocket, which was 3 times the cost of the coffee. I ended up with a free cup of coffee instead. Cash slows down China.

As a senior product designer in the AI field, Elaine will going to talk about how design make AI smarter at TalkUX 2017. While AI becoming a more and more popular topic around the world, and arouse so many curiosity. Elaine's experience is precious. If you want to get more information toward design, AI and life, check on https://medium.com/@elainelee. More articles that Elaine would like to share with us!


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