Susanne Kreuz — Freelance UX designer From Southern Germany

“Life is nothing without experience.”

As a freelance UX designer with experience in different industries, Susanne focus on user research, information architecture, concept and content. The wide experiences in many disciplines, job roles and companies made her a T-shaped person who loves to work with interdisciplinary teams.

She help companies to create apps and websites for intuitive joy of use.One of the most valuable experience at her work is to help big, old economy companies which need consultancy on ux methods and strategies, as well as lean and agile teams. While the hardest part is to motivate the companies to test their prototype with real users. Because prototyping without qualitative testing is useless. Besides, user testing is crucial to build user centered products.

Beside freelance works, Susanne loves to create content and skill up people by training human centered design methods. Workshops with refugees deepened her understanding of human needs. She believes that interdisciplinarity and transcultural skills are indispensable not only to design better apps but also to create a better world.

With the background in art history and psychology, with many interests, Susanne spent her time covering art and design as well as yoga, buddhism and psychology. And of course, she loves well-designed digital applications.

At TalkUX 2017, Susanne will host "Let’s get offline — paper prototyping workshop" with Irina. Want to know more about Susanne? Check her on

And see you at TalkUX 2017, Taipei!


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