M*Modal — An Era of Efficient Healthcare

M*Model, is a healthcare technology company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). M*Modal’s speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies help physicians input and consume medical information in the most intuitive and seamless manner — through conversational speech. In addition to capturing medical documentation, M*Modal provides meaningful assistance to physicians and helps them focus on what matters most — caring for their patients.

M*Modal has been providing medical transcription services and perfecting their technology for over 40 years. M*Modal’s flagship Fluency Direct front-end dictation system works with over 120 Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs), providing a user-friendly interface for physicians practicing in over 60 specialties. Doctors find that typing, pointing and clicking through the EHR interfaces can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming. M*Modal’s dictation systems simplify data entry, allowing physicians to pick up a microphone, and with a press of a single button express the patient story in an effortless and personal way, saving them precious time to spend with their patients. In 2016 alone, M*Modal technology freed up more than 2 million hours of physicians time for patient care.

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In addition to facilitating the creation of medical documentation, M*Modal’s technology provides real-time feedback on the quality of that documentation right back to the physician, making sure that the resulting documentation is as complete and accurate as possible. According to Anna Abovyan, User Experience Manager of M*Modal, the system is carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with physician’s existing workflows, adapt to their behaviors, get out of the way of care procedures, and avoid alert fatigue.

More than 250,000 physicians in the US have already adopted M*Modal speech technology. Over 50,000 clinicians switched to M*Modal Fluency Direct system in 2016. With the increasing prevalence of M*Modal in the U.S. healthcare industry, M*Modal received the 2017 “Best in KLAS” award, which further confirms the efforts that M*Modal has dedicated to improving the healthcare quality in the United States.

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