Trend Micro — Defending You from Hackers

As a global leader in hybrid cloud security, network defense, small business security, and endpoint security, Trend Micro has a strong dedication to providing user-friendly security solutions to a wide range of customers.

Image Source: Trend Micro website

Trend Micro has utilized the principle of user-centered design to develop and continuously improve security offerings in response to the ever-changing threat landscape. From personal antivirus software to government information security, Trend Micro take the user experience into consideration at every stage, including downloading, installing, reporting and supporting their software.

Trend Micro has also gone beyond delivering protection and established Trend Education Foundations, dedicating to giving communities in Taiwan and the IT industry a deeper understanding of Chinese art and culture and influencing software developers so that they have a more humane touch.

Image Source: Trend Education Foundation

Recently, the Trend Micro Human Interface Engineering (HIE) team and the Trend Education Foundation together launched a board game called UX in the Jungle to help engineers, managers, and other project stakeholders better understand the software development life cycle and improve communications with UX professionals. The game introduces a brand new way to experience all the excitement of software development in a very short time.

TalkUX 2017 has invited Hsin Eu, Trend Micro’s Director of HIE, to share her team’s work in creating the “UX in the Jungle” and let you experience a game that will give you new insights into the field of user experience.

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