Sucks having to defend this bozo, huh, TalkAtYou?
Allan Ishac

First of all, I find anyone who begins a commentary with a middle school choice of words such as “sucks” very immature at best. Secondly, there is no defending anyone, my commentary is merely pointing out that the same comments about Obama were made for 8 years and continues to be the sad reality of a very divided nation. In fact, the reason Trump got elected was because enough people demanded the Obama legacy be undone. Additionally, the DNC colluded to have Sanders lose. You do realize that one can point out the obvious without it being a defense or support. But, again, I reference the unfortunate level of immaturity and lack of knowledge that is plaguing not only our nation but, specifically blog-dom and evidently you. I am glad that you are writing about things that you care about, most writers do. Deepen your understanding of the subject that you care about. Stay away from one-minded discourse for a while (pull your head out of the sand) and grow in knowledge.