Image by The Bardon Group

As a company that works with Architects, Interior Designers and end clients we build our team of contractors through many experiences. Often, we lose a contractor because they move away, changes careers, retires or they are not our fit. Finding a new contractor can be one of the most challenging things we do. It’s a good idea to talk to the contractor you are losing or to other craftspeople on projects; you can get suggestions from them for other contractors or try something new as an approach.

When you interview a contractor, be sure to take the time to see some of his or her work. Often, contractors will show photographs, but these often tell very little. Ask any interior design contractor you are seriously considering where you may share with them a small test drive project where you want to see them in action without dedicating your time and projects. If they are hesitant, think twice about hiring the person. In every office or practice, the design is led different; contractors sometimes need some time to ask the right questions and familiarise with specific new processes and techniques you use.

In many cases, they might say “We can do it!” because they don’t fully understand what you have in mind. If you are concerned, you should ask to see a similar project or have them prepare a sample for you before you hire them. You don’t want to pay for unqualified contractors to learn on the job, while your clients have high expectations and the deadline is fast approaching.

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