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Only one sentence in your otherwise rambling first response had any relevance to my original post. That sentence was: “Logically speaking, being born into a religion does not automatically make it false.”

And you know what? You’re correct about that one sentence. But you know what else? That should have been pretty obvious after I admit in my original post that “I think it’s reasonable to say that either one religion is true, or none of them are… but certainly not all of them.” If one religion is true, then it goes without saying some people are fortunate enough to be born into the right religion.

Now this is the point that you definitely missed. You believe you just happened to have been born into the right religion, like almost every member of every religion ever. And logically speaking, there isn’t anything to point to that distinguishes any one religion as any more true than any other religion. You tried claiming prayer and miracles as examples, which I promptly refuted prior to you threatening me with Hell. These are faith-based claims which plenty of religions use as examples of the truthfulness of their beliefs. Why should they draw me to Christianity if Muslims and Hindus believe in miracles and prayer too?

There are literally billions of people around this world who believe different supernatural claims than you, and they believe them with just as much fervor and conviction as you believe in yours. In your worldview, they were not born into the correct religion. In their worldview, you were not born into the correct religion. Someone is wrong, right? If you don’t think it could possibly be you, then you’re fooling yourself into believing something for intellectually dishonest reasons.

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