Nick Robinson revealed something significant on Twitter today. He was replying to this accusation from a guy called Frederic Moreau:

For those new to UK politics, the DUP is the party at the centre of one of Brexit’s many dark money scandals, and also the party guaranteeing the current government a majority.

In reply, Nick Robinson wrote this:

Oddly enough, this was a pretty ‘interesting and revealing’ thing for a senior BBC presenter and former political editor to say. It’s especially interesting at a time when the BBC is under huge pressure to explain its continuing failure to…

I’m helping to run an Indiegogo campaign to buy one of Paul Manafort’s houses. Here’s why.

Who is Paul Manafort?

If you have even a passing interest in US politics, you probably know that Paul Manafort is a big name.

Paul Manafort (ABC/ Ida Mae Astute)

If you don’t, you might think he has an apparently impressive resume.

He’s advised on five separate Republican presidential campaigns. Most recently he was Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and chief strategist[1] from June to August 2016.

If you have a more than passing interest in US politics, you also know that he’s lobbied extensively for controversial foreign “leaders”, despite never registering as a foreign…

We shouldn’t be surprised by the social and political problems caused by technology. All sides are actively contributing to the problems — and all sides need to stop pretending otherwise

There is a new fad in political commentary. Wherever you look in the comment pages of traditional media, there are hand-wringing op-eds about the future of the planet. The catch is that it’s no longer the physical planet that’s pricking the bleeding hearts of the intelligentsia, but the digital world that’s so quickly been built around us.

The rise of the term ‘Big Tech’ — describing Facebook, Google and Twitter as the principal sources of information we ‘consume’, but also often applied to Amazon and sometimes Microsoft — should be making dozens of hastily hired public policy employees at these…

Searching for new ways to stop the spread of false information is an understandable response to recent political developments, but proponents of the strategy are picking the wrong battle if they want to win this vital war

Recent revelations in the UK’s traditional media on Russian attempts to spread mis- and disinformation have been met with aghast intakes of breath. But this shocked response is really British exceptionalism, allied to a pretty incompetent domestic press. The issue of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda spread by social media has been at play for a long time in global civil society.

Breathless headlines for a very old story: The Times/The Guardian (via BusinessInsider)

‘Fake news’…

OCCRP’s Annual Report 2016

2016 was a year in which the importance of accurate information was made painfully clear. OCCRP and its members in countries where the truth has long been under attack have been aware of that foundational maxim for a long time. But now, voters in apparently secure Western democracies like the United Kingdom, France and the United States have begun to see what damage can be done to institutions and society itself when truth and lies co-mingle.

The age of trust is over. When information is no longer mediated by history’s gatekeepers — whether religious leaders, government regulators, education institutions or…

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