Never forget to fix your FIXME's or do your TODO's ever again!

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TODOr Is an incredibly helpful R Package and RStudio Add in that makes the management of all of your developer comments incredibly easy.

Using Github and command-line utilities to sync and version control my Zettelkasten

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So I use Obsidian as my app of choice to curate my ZettelKasten.

I keep my vault on iCloud for storage and redundancy but on other machines like my firewalled work machine, I can’t access iCloud but I can access GitHub. So I have my vault set up as a repository on GitHub. To keep all my notes, configs, and workspace settings in sync with my home machine when I leave the house I set up auto-syncing to GitHub that I can take advantage of anywhere. Here’s how I did it:

Prepare Your Repository

0. You need git installed, and this works seamlessly if you have your credentials cached so you do not need to enter your password on `git push` commands for more on caching FCC has a great article on this. …

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The Patchwork Hex Sticker
A Video Form of This Article

Patchwork is a package for the R programming language that simplifies data visualization layouts through a simple math-like syntax.

“The Composer of ggplots”

With Patchwork the task of combining and organizing ggplots is very easy and can produce ornate visualizations with simple code.

All charts here are made with sample data sets and are just used for example purposes.

Simple Chart Combinations

Vertically Stacked Charts

If i wanted to take a couple charts of mind and compare them next to each other either one above the other it may look something like this:


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