Oops. I Slipped and Fell on a Donut (or Two)

Everyone said the first two weeks of the Whole30 challenge would be the most difficult. It really wasn’t. I was cruising along gracefully, enjoying my flat abs with minimal complaining, well the minimal complaining thing could be debated. However, I was succeeding. I went out with my girlfriends several times, sipped on water with lemon, declined multiple drinks offers and envied my wine-drinking friends in silence. Failure was NOT an option. I was going to do this!

All that came to a screeching halt on day 25. Several crappy days in a row caught up with me and I needed to wash it all away. I took my Whole30-day-25-flat-abs-self down to Nando’s and ordered garlic bread. The bread was A-MAZING! It was a sunny day out, so after consuming my bread in 2.5 seconds, I decided to head over to Lebanese Taverna to enjoy their outside terrace and the last few weeks of good weather. Two glasses of wine later, I was off running errands and passed a Dunkin Donuts. I, of course, stopped. I grabbed two donuts, one for me and one for Casee. I ate the first one. Heaven. I ate the second one, double heaven. Sorry Casee!

I should regret this lapse in judgement, but I don’t. It was what I needed for sanity. I washed away my problems with amazing wine and donuts. In the Whole30, they say if you “cheat” you should start over. Well, if that were the case, I would never finish. This day wasn’t planned, it was an emotional accident. I’m proud to say, I’m back on track today and looking forward to this journey being over on Thursday.

Lessons learned thus far:

  1. I’m human, female and I like chocolate and wine. Sometimes females need chocolate and wine to be sane.
  2. I make mistakes.
  3. 25 days of success (26 now) is not erased with 1 day of failure.
  4. My abs are still flat.
  5. I still feel great.
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