But you have taken what Alexainie said completely out of context, and seemingly deliberately.

Alexainie makes a false comparison. Of course a woman does not face the same problems that a man does when she is rejected by a man. Her intersectionality of suffering is completely different. The threats to her life are from different men. However, just because one person does not suffer from an experience does not mean *everyone* doesn’t suffer from it. Men have a hard time understanding why women feel so threatened by random men in the world. But just because a man doesn’t feel threatened by other men as much does not mean that women’s suffering is “Just feelings” as you say. I’m offering — in good faith — a first-person perspective from a man about the unusual and very different forms of suffering that some men face, in a radically different context from women. This is a hard task among women determined to reduce mens’ suffering to “just feelings”, but I’m trying. Please keep in mind — far, far, far more men die each year at their own hand then women die at the hand of men. There are many reasons for that. This is one of them.

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