Is Math Sexy?

In a recent TED talk, Cédric Villani (@Cedric_Villani) discusses about why French people do better than others in Math? Polls would say: “Love, wine and wining.”

@Cedric_Villani in his talk adds a fourth component: Mathematics.

Paris has more mathematicians than any other cities in the world, and more streets named after mathematicians.

So, why is math so sexy?

Math may be abstract, but not dull and not only about computing. It is about reasoning, and improving our core activity. It is about imagination and finding the truth.

During your next visit to the Ville Lumière, @Cedric_Villani invites you to visit the Institut Henri Poincaré Math Museum and enjoy the mathematical dream.

8 years ago, when we crafted the GaBI curriculum for physicians, we decided to also include a remarkable course called “Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine”. This course trains our physicians to use differential equations to define mechanisms in the body. It thus enables physicians to examine various mechanistic hypotheses by using mathematics instead of real patients. The course offers its graduates the opportunity to advance medical science and make medical breakthroughs speedily, without being limited and delayed by doing only clinical trials on human patients.

Here’s the link to the online GaBI program:

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