Our first week of the Ironhack bootcamp started off with a 5 day group project called “wicked problems” in which we had to create a lo-fi prototype for an app solving a problem according to our chosen brief.

In this project I got to work with Miheala Prescornitoiu and the brief we chose was:


In the last decades, there has been a rise in consciousness on the importance of good nutrition and the responsibility that individuals have to provide themselves with good food. …

For this usability evaluation and site re-design challenge I had to first chose a User Type I’d like to work with, conduct research about the specific of my destination — Machu Picchu, decide which app out of the 3 given to me is the best fit for my user type and destination by conduction a usability heuristics evaluation (according to Nielsen’s principles), after choosing the most compatible app for my user type I’ll conduct interviews with users that fit the user type to test the usability of the app, after the interviews I’ll summarise the findings of the tests and…

For the wireframing project I chose to work with Thuisbezogd.nl, partly because it was a good excuse for me to order ramen, but mostly because I know that especially in the crazy times of corona it’s an app that made it possible for a lot of restaurants to keep their head above water, for young people to have some income and make people happy with good food. Learning how important the tech industry can be in the last few months has been very exciting for me starting this new journey. …

The Client

Citymapper was funded in 2011 by former Google employee Azmat Yusuf (now CEO) it’s a public transit app and mapping service which displays live timing transport options in supported cities. When entering your current or other location and the location you want to get to it shows options from all modes of urban transportation, such as walking, cycling, driving, public transport and cabs/uber.

Citymapper is a free mobile app supported by Android and IOS as well as a website. …

Tal Rosenthal

Tel Avivian, designer living in the Netherlands. UX/UI student at Ironhack Amsterdam.

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