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integrated candidate management

Isn’t maintaining and managing candidate data in the organization overwhelming? Of course, it is. Data is of paramount significance in today’s world in any field of work. Tech hiring is a different ball game altogether, despite becoming easier and feasible with the use of technology, in the wake of the…

Recruitment is a critical business process and investing in humans is the biggest investment businesses can make. It is the ‘people’ who are truly at the helm of things when it comes to the overall performance of the organization. …

The skill matrix is predominantly used to get an idea of the employee skills and identify the skill gaps in the industry to upskill the workforce through appropriate training programs. In our interaction with the clients who are into tech recruitment, we came across their biggest hurdles in the entire…

Assume a junior and a senior developer is given the exact same problem statement

Design the back-end database for an e-commerce website

You would be surprised by the difference in problem-solving approach employed by the junior and the senior developer

The junior developer — a recent college graduate or an…


We help tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess their candidates’ skills through online code testing and project-based assessments

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