The following piece was written for Via News. It was first published January 21, 2020.

About a mile from where I studied at the Hebrew University, 32 members of the Palestinian Sabbagh family will be forcibly evicted from their home in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Media buzz is absent, at best because it has been a slow burn with the eviction of four other families proceeding over years, and at worst because formal property proceedings provide cover for deep injustice. While Israel’s High Court, the country’s supreme judicial body, closed the door to their appeal last year, ambiguity about…

In May of 1958, Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed the American Jewish Congress (AJC) at the National Biennial Convention in Miami Beach. In the two years preceding the speech, white supremacists had bombed more than 40 Black homes and institutions. The Jewish community – except for a minority of McCarthy-tainted leftists – remained utterly silent. Until the late 1950s they embodied a middle way politik that sought to appease anti-communists fighting desegregation while nominally supporting anti-racists fighting white supremacy. Then in March 1958, white supremacists bombed the school-wing of Miami’s temple Beth El, enraging the community and exposing the hollowness…

This piece was originally published on Facebook on July 20, 2019, and subsequently featured on Free Jerusalem.

I’ve been here for nearly twelve months, mostly in the Student Village. Twelve months that is on לוחמי הגטאות (Lohamei HaGetaot) the Ghetto Warriors street, on a stretch of land between the neighborhoods of French Hill and Mount Scopus, the ring neighborhoods. It’s nothing more than a street name, but it’s disconcerting- what I’ve come to understand as “affirmative justice.” An attempt to remedy the historic wrongs done to our people.

Most Israelis don’t come to these parts unless passing through the University…

The Title VI Complaint Against My University is Part of Trump’s Annexationist Agenda

With the release of the Trump peace plan, if it wasn’t clear already, the two state solution is no more than a platitude — and international activism for Palestinian human and civil rights is more important than ever. However, as a prelude to this politically expedient deal, President Trump announced an executive order which risks conflating Palestinian solidarity activism on college campuses with antisemitism, making it even harder to proceed. I would know, because my own university has been embroiled in a Title VI allegation since December.

About a month ago, I discovered a Title VI complaint had been filed…

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From the generation that grew up after it was ok for women to want sex, and before the facade of gender equality and sexual agency fell apart.

There are two dresses. Sundresses. Short. Loose. Fun and flirty. The kind men ogle at. The first is pink, with small flowers. This was the dress I went home in. The one I washed three times before I could remove his stench. The second, red and black, I wore a week later. This was the dress I slept in overnight at the ER alone on a stretcher, with a high fever, when I feared I had contracted acute HIV.

After my name, the second most interesting thing about me was his, according to every doctor, nurse, and social worker I…

Talya Wintman

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