Bringing art closer to people; Case Study

1- Duration:

2 — Team:

3 — Client:

4 — Brief:

5 — Solution:

  • Search all the museums in Madrid.
  • Buy tickets to museums and expositions.
  • Have an interactive way of exploring the museum. With Maps, Search by artwork, with the “likes route” and the “route of silence”.

6 — Investigation:

Meaning, why if people like museums they don’t actually go to them?

7 — Summary

8 — Next Steps

9 — Learnings

  • Teamwork makes the dream work! Working with people with completely different backgrounds and countries could be a challenge but we learned so much about the others. Leaving egos aside in a team of UI designers, respect each other and listen to all ideas with patience.
  • Timing is everything for this kind of project. I learned that if you don’t keep the time you are spending on each assignment you probably won’t get to your MVP by the end of the week.
  • I worked a lot on stepping in the user’s feet and empathizing with their thoughts was crucial for creating the most accurate results possible.
  • Features are great but sometimes it is better to focus on only one big feature. One that differentiates your product and solves the business problem rather than a few cool things that aren't completely strategized.



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