How to Get High Quality Traffic Without SEO?

Tamal Krishna Chandra

In every online business, Traffic is Money.

The more traffic you have, the more sales you can expect to get if you know how to convert your visitors into customers. But without quality targeted traffic, it’s almost impossible. It’s a general thought that Google is the only traffic source that helps to get targeted traffic.

Of course, it does help. But who says you can’t get traffic without Google?

There are plenty of other ways to get traffic to your websites. Today I’ll discuss about some creative ways to get high quality traffic to your websites.

Google is not the only source of traffic online. If you can generate creative ideas, you can always discover a lot of smart methods to get traffic without ever thinking about Google or SEO. Not only you get a lot of traffic, but you get high quality traffic; just as Google.

You should always remember that if you want to build a business online, you can’t totally depend on search engine traffic. But that’s what most people actually do. Every search engine and even the big G update their algorithms a lot of times within a year. Some are announced publicly and some are not.

Obviously the main purpose is to provide better search results to their users. Unfortunately, their algorithms don’t always guarantee improved ranking even if your site provides value to its users. Sometimes websites get penalized without any logical reason. And once it happens, you can imagine what might happen to your business and your income.

This is the only reason why you should invest some of your valuable time to discover alternative methods to get more targeted traffic.

You are smarter than you think you are. Basically you don’t want to utilize your brain and spend most of your time listening to others. No! it’s not bad.

But you should spend some time with yourself looking for new ideas to get the traffic you desire. Just try to do something that others don’t. Here are some of our favorite ideas that worked for me and should work for you too. I don’t say that these methods were never utilized or I am the creator of these ideas.

But these are some effective ways to get quality traffic without SEO or Google.

So why don’t you try them?

1. Create an Awesome Slideshare Presentation

If you are not already aware; let me tell you that Slideshare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service where you can upload PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument presentations. Once you create and upload a presentation in their server, it is available for anyone to view.

Now you may have already heard about it. But probably you don’t know that it’s a huge search engine for presentation files; just like Google.

They have their own algorithms to find out the best quality presentations from their database. The best part is that it’s quite easy to optimize your presentations for Slideshare.

The site gets around 58 million unique visitors every single month with trillions of pageviews. So you can imagine how much traffic you can expect to get if some of your presentations get high ranking. How much time do you spend to write a high quality informative article?

I guess; it should be a few hours. But it takes less than 30 minutes to create a good Power Point presentation promoting one of your websites.

Let’s See What You Have to Do …

1, Write a good quality informative article of at least 250 characters.

2, Now separate every sentence from one another.

3, Open PowerPoint and use a different slide for each of your sentences.

4, Choose Title Only layout and enter a sentence.

5, Choose a presentable font style and size.

6, Create at least 15 to 20 slides in this way.

7, Use the last slide to direct visitors to your website.

8, Use a format like this — to know more, visit the link in the description.

9, Don’t forget to add your website URL as Footer.

10, Put the URL of the post in the description.

It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to create a wonderful presentation to promote your site and start getting quality traffic. Of course, you can customize your presentations to make it more attractive. You can even use some unique sentences to describe your website.

The primary goal is to force people to visit your site.

If you can create interesting and useful presentations, most of your viewers would ultimately visit your website. In my experience, more than 80% of people end up visiting your website.

These visitors are highly targeted as they are visiting your site after looking at your presentations. So they are interested. You can even make them regular visitors. Remember to use your keywords while saving the file and also use them in the title of the documents. This is quite enough to make sure that you get only targeted people to view your presentations.

Just like Google, people search in Slideshare using different keywords.

So it works almost like a search engine. As a result, you get highly targeted traffic to your site.

2. Create an Interesting YouTube Video

YouTube is the most popular online video sharing website. With millions of visitors visiting YouTube on a daily basis, there is a huge opportunity to get high quality traffic.

Basically you have to create a video, get it on YouTube and after the end of the video, ask the viewers to visit your website for more information.

Make sure to give them a reason to visit.

You may be thinking that it’s quite difficult to make videos and it takes really long time. While it’s not totally wrong, I will share with you the simplest way to create a video that you can use for YouTube or other video sharing sites.

To make it, you can use the same presentation you created for Slideshare. I already talked about how to create a presentation file for your website pages. Now you will learn how to turn this presentation file into a video.

Basically you have to save the PowerPoint slides as image files.

Here’s what to do …

1, You will need Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.

2, Download and install it on your PC.

3, It doesn’t only help save your files as PDF, but as image files.

4, Open your presentation in PowerPoint and click Save As to save it.

5, Apart from PDF or XPS, there is an option for other formats. Choose it.

6, From the dropdown menu of Save as Type choose JPEG or PNG file.

7, Once you save the file, all the slides will be converted into images.

8, Now open Windows Movie Maker or any other video editor and import your saved file into it.

9, Customize it a little bit and add narration if you can or some audio.

10, Now save it as a video file. You can upload it now to YouTube.

So your entire presentation has now been converted into a video. Now upload this video to YouTube. Remember to add the URL to your website in the description. Properly optimize your videos with keywords in title, description and the file URL.

YouTube also allows you to post video replies to certain videos. Find popular videos in your niche and post a video response. Currently there is no technology to fetch keywords from spoken audio in videos. Written keywords are still a powerful factor in video rankings.

So it’s a good idea to transcribe the video and paste it in the description. You’ll definitely see improvements in rankings. Once your videos rank, you will start getting quality traffic.

3. Utilize the Power of Google Alert

Google alert is a very powerful way to track what’s happening in your niche. It can help you reach targeted people in your field quite easily. You can even track what your competitors are doing. If you are not already aware of Google alerts, I want you to check it at least once.

Basically, you can set up a Google alert for any topic you are interested in. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, you can set up an alert for this keyword. If you are interested in Internet Marketing, you can also set up an alert for that or just any topic of your interest.

Now whenever there is any new content on the web about your targeted market, Google will send you an email. So you can check what’s happening on the web in your field.

Suppose you have reviewed a product and published the review on your website. You want to know if someone is talking about it.

You can set up a Google alert for it.

Suppose; you have written a very useful and informative article. Now you want some interested people who would love to read your article and comment. One of the best ways to make it possible is by creating a Google alert for the main keywords of your article.

If the topic is popular, you will soon get alerts of a lot of other similar contents on the web.

Visit the sites, the quality of the contents and also check their Alexa rank to understand how much traffic they may be receiving. Once you find some good quality blogs, contact them asking for their valuable feedback on your article.

In our experience, around 60% of site owners would reply back telling you that your article is also useful. Now send them your next email asking them to share the article if they find value in it.

Really they would love to share your article if it’s useful.

As a result, you will get a lot of quality traffic to your website.

In the first email, tell them that you have read their article and appreciate them for creating such a useful content. Later, let them know you have created a similar content on the same topic and you would love it if they visit your site and share their feedback.

In the reply of a positive feedback, you can ask them to share it. Really the whole process doesn’t take long time. But it can literally take your website in front of thousands of new people.

Just you have to do some smart work before you can expect extraordinary results. Google alert plays a very crucial role in finding the right people to promote your website. This process can also be called outreach.

But I would like to give the most credit to Google alert for making everything quite easy. What do you think?

Remember; the primary goal is to increase the number of people who know your site, not the amount of traffic. Because with more people knowing your site, the traffic has to increase.

Even though Google doesn’t drive traffic to your site, your traffic numbers will always have a respectable level.

After all, it’s all about creating awareness; not building traffic.

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