Why making your bed matters?

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This article is about making your bed. Some people may laugh at this topic but trust me when I say it matters. If you start to make your bed every day, then before you know it, you’ll be able to do that plus five other tasks without even thinking. So here I am, trying to share a few tips to make your bed perfectly.

1. I am sure your mattress is well-fitting with your bed frame. If it sags or sinks in too much then go to a local hardware store or ask your friend if they can hire a car and pick up some plywood or fiberboard and build a new base for your box spring. This should clear up any problems you’re having.

2. Use a fitted sheet that goes all the way to the floor on both sides and leave it very loose at the foot so you can get in and out of bed quickly.

3. Make your bed when you first get up in the morning and leave it unmade all day. That gives you a nice clean area to come back to at night that has been aired out by the open window or door and warmed by the sun beating down on it.

4. Always make sure you have a place for everything when you’re making your bed. For example, if you’re going to be putting on a duvet, make sure there is enough room for it to open up and that the end of the duvet isn’t trapped underneath the pillows.

5. When you change your sheets, always wait until they are completely dry before putting them back on because wet sheets attract all kinds of mold and bacteria.

6. If you can’t change your sheets every week, make sure the ones on there are clean before putting them back on. You can do this by washing or dry cleaning them, changing out the pillow cases for a clean set, and airing out the blankets before remaking your bed.

7. Great idea! Before you remake your bed every night, strip it completely. Make your bed in the morning with just two pillows and a comfortable comforter. It’s perfect if you want to wake up quickly without making an extra effort by Remaking Your Bed Every Night.

8. One thing I always do when making my bed is trying to superglue the sheets to the mattress so they won’t come off in the middle of the night. This also makes it nice and tight instead of having that super loose sheet that comes up all the time when you’re sleeping!

9. If your mattress is too big for your bed frame, then just put the mattress on the floor and use a set of stairs to get up there. That way, you’ll never have to make a messy corner ever again!

10. After you make your bed, always leave a little note that says “not made” or something similar on top of the comforter. That way, when you wake up, it’s already done for you!

I hope I’ve inspired you to start making your bed every day, and if you already do, go ahead and try to make it even better than you did before!

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The articles that I write are all about different topics and they're definitely not boring.

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The articles that I write are all about different topics and they're definitely not boring.

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