Beauty of Colours on My wall

My wall color amaze everyone

You know I get the exact colour on my walls without facing any inconvenience.

All my friends were asked How????

I smiled and said, “I am the superb artist.”

Let me explain what happened….

Few months ago my friends and I went for hang out in a resort. There was a wall which is attracting me a decent colour and some designs on that wall.

I told everyone that When I renovate my house, I will exact get this at my room.

Now, After four month when my friends come at home, they saw the exact one. They amaze that how the same.

Ok then, let me tell you I got a fantastic gadget Nix mini color sensor which senses the exact color of that wall by touching that wall.

When I used this color sensor, the beauty of colors amazes me. It was like my dream came true when I Saw the exact match color on my room’s wall.

That’s a small story, I experienced the beauty of colors by using this mini sensor.

If you want to know how to use this Mini color sensor, you can follow this below link:

Nix mini Color Sensor digitizes colors on demand

Hope you will like reading, Enjoy reading this small story.