Dubai Souqs: Exploring the Vibrant Culture

While getting out of the Dubai International Airport one will encounter the sleek, gleaming and sky-touching buildings welcoming you. I was startled to see the gleaming infrastructure matching the stature of global cities like New York or any western European city. But what I wanted to explore was the famous Dubai Souqs. Besides so many shopping malls, these Souq attracts heard of tourists visiting the Emirate city. I was surprised to see the diverse kinds of Souqs while holidaying in Dubai. From the glossy and tidy atmosphere, the traditional marketplace are known for the ramshackle shops, cacophony and colourful shops displaying their different products.

I have explored the Gold Souq, Silk Souq and Spice Souq. While exploring these souq one will encounter that many shops are more than hundred years old. You will encounter shops selling unique things that most of them will be seeing the first time. The pungent smell of spices or the aroma of perfumes could have a serious assault on your senses. The glittering shine of the precious yellow metal at the Gold Souq is all just amazing. Book Dubai holiday packages and enjoy shopping at the traditional Arabian bazaars.

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