5 Movies That Will Help Teach You Chinese

One of the prominent ways to Chinese language learning is to learn from your favorite line of movies. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Imagine you are learning with entertainment. What fun! Let us have a look at few movies to help Chinese language learning.

1. (Wode fuqin muqin) | The Road Home

This movie does not have much casting which makes it easy to understand and relate too. It is a plot built in rural China. It’s about a school teacher in the small town and how he falls in love with a girl in the same town. The story is about the girl’s decision taking power and being stubborn on her take on her husband’s burial. For learners, it is apt. The sentences used are simple

2. (Xìngfú Shíguāng) Happy Times

If you like tragicomedy movies, this one is for you. You get to see old country life and the language used is polite. There is much scope for a learner to grasp the dialogues easily. Based in the city of Dalian, is about an old laid-off factory worker and intends to get married to a fat and divorced lady and who has blind daughter He wishes to earn money by renovating a broken bus on the top of a hill to a romantic cottage and name it Happy Times. The story winds around the touching friendship between the blind girl and the man.

3. Lost in Beijing

The movie is very natural and you get to learn phrases and sentences that may be used in routine life. If you are a drama fan, this is perhaps for you. It is a story between rich and poor couples living in Beijing. It showcases how certain circumstances make money the source to measure every transaction. It is touching and hard-hitting too.

4. (bù néng shuì de mì mì) Secret

Chinese language learning couldn’t have been more fun but with this movie. The grammar used is effortless and is a child’s play for sure. Although on the haunted side, but is a love story of a student who falls in love with an enigmatic girl. It is a secret and is an impressive one as it keeps you on foot. Interestingly there are few English lines too.

5. (Shéjiān shàng de Zhōngguó)A Bite of China

For all the foodies this one is just for you. You not only get intrigued in the documentary but you learn the ingredients, the method, the actual words needed for cooking and communicating. So basically, you see different dishes from various parts of the country and learn Chinese language too.

Watching Chinese movies is perhaps one of the best recreational activities to come out of your classroom teaching. However, there are many Chinese language learning centers such as Happy Mandarin, who provide you with utmost fun by inculcating movies and dramas too. Never the less, you could watch movies with English (or a language as you choose) subtitles. But revert to watch it once again, meaning you listen in Chinese, understand in English and then again watch in Chinese to grab the language. You must find a movie that appeals to you and can watch couple of times.