5 Tips to Help Your Pet Stay Fit & Trim This Summer

Obesity is the major problem in humans as well as in pets. Regular exercise is one of the important factors for living a healthy and long life. In summer season, pets require good nutrition and exercise. In this article, I will tell you five easy but effective tips so that your pet remain fit in this summer.

  1. Nutritious meals is the primary requirement

In summer, you can keep your pet healthy by feeding them well-proportioned, nutritious meals, along with healthy snacks. Make sure the weight of your pet is in the range for his age and breed; otherwise, he may have serious health problems. Overfeeding is the one of the major causes of the obesity in pets, so do not fall victim to those puppy eyes and try to give appropriate and balanced diet to your pet. There are various ideal diet plans and tips for obese cats and dogs. You should follow these diet plans and tips to make your pet fit and trim.

2. Protect your pet’s skin in summer

The thick fur of your pet shields them from the harmful ultraviolet rays. According to a latest study, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the dogs and the second most common in the cats. Therefore, protecting the skin of your pet from the ultraviolet rays of sun is quite important. If your dog or cat will be outdoors for an extended period of time, you can use a pet sunscreen on unprotected areas like the nose and ears. In addition to this, you should make sure that your pet stay hydrated and in the shade.

3. Keep your pets away from the bugs

Summer season means more ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. These annoying small pests can be a nightmare for you and your pet. Preventive medication is one of the best ways to save your pet from these bugs. Further, you should also save your dog from the worms or similar parasites. You can ask your veterinary doctor about keeping your pet parasite-free, and you should stay up to date on vaccinations.

4. Keep your pet fresh and clean

In the summer months, you may notice more than the normal amount of hair around your house. Shedding winter coat of your pet is normal in the summer days. Frequent brushing of your pet keeps shedding under control. In addition to this, you can also consider those dog breeds that do not shed or shed very less. Some necessary grooming of pets includes:

· Nail trimming

· Bathing

· Dental care

· Eye and ear cleaning

Further, you should invest on quality grooming products to perform all above mentioned grooming in an effective manner.

5. Some other tips

For effectual caring of your dog in this summer, you should also follow below mentioned tips:

· Try to go for your daily walk, run or bike ride before the sunrise or after the sunset as the weather is usually cooler than during the day.

· Always ensure that your pet gets constant supply of water to keep his body temperature down and make sure to allow for frequent breaks throughout the exercise routine.

· If you are near a lake, beach or swimming pool, going for a swim will keep your pet cool while exercising.

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