NeighborUp: a shared mission to build trust in neighborhoods across America

I love this so much. I’ve spent so many years talking to companies about how to ‘build a community online’ and that makes me crazy. You’re turning the tables and using ‘online’ to start the conversations that build what community really is…and that’s for-real, real-world relationships and conversations and trust and help and all those great things that are getting lost in a world of people with their heads tilted towards their screens. I’m excited that you understand that this ‘can’t be done at scale’ — because it can’t. On the other hand, every dinner you have has staying power. You can’t do it all at once, but every connection you make will have staying power. And that’s a much bigger deal than ephemeral ‘hellos’ and ‘pokes’ and all the other crap that litters the online world. Rock on, Natalie and team. OfferUp is beyond lucky to have you.