Eclipse season is still in full swing.

Now that we got that out of the way, we start off this week with the Aquarius Moon which helps us to continue to fuel that restlessness we have been experiencing. The Leo sun isn’t going to back down. And with alignments in air and earth, we have a space of movement but being stubbornly unmoved.

Make sense?

On 7/30, the Pisces Moon gives us this irrational sense of calm and quiet. The issue here is that although there is a lull with that Pisces Moon water, we are still in the midst of the storm. A bit of quiet, for the moment. It won’t last long. Remember that Neptune is master of illusions. Some of you may be experiencing some clarity that feels more calm than the tumultuous energy you have been experiencing. Don’t get comfortable there. We are still in the midst of Eclipse Season, and well…. these shifts will continue through November at this point of heightened intensity.

The Moon in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus and also Saturn in Capricorn. That Pisces water is in a fall in Capricorn (position of weakness. While the Moon is in Pisces the next few days, you may find it difficult to reconcile your feelings and emotions with the hard lessons you have learned. You may be a bit tender right now, licking some wounds. But while the wound is itching, that often means it’s healing. The Pisces energy sees good synergy with Uranus in Taurus who has us approach love and money and the things we find pleasurable through an unconventional, out of the box means.

8/1, the Moon moves into Aries fire. It will be square Saturn in Capricorn (earth) which can see our impulsive nature in a showdown with our rational and practical nature. Mars in Aquarius will be square Uranus in Taurus, our restless nature in conflict with our planned spontaneity. And when the Aries Moon is trine the Sun in Leo on 8/2, that restlessness may do one of two things: move forward with a productive fire OR, spontaneously combust. Too much fire after such a build up of energy.

We round out the week with the Sun in Leo square the Moon in Taurus. Our earth energy comes through wanting to give us a bit of stability. But the fire energy wants to rage forth, burning and blazing a path forward. The Moon in Taurus will be sextile Neptune in Pisces. That Pisces energy could quite possibly give us some good vibes, if we can see that we are a bit disillusioned at the moment. The Moon in Taurus doesn’t really help. Taurus likes the finer things in life and we could find all of the restless energy from the week result in us doing the most and yielding the less amount of return.

The shake up is still full swing. Don’t think that because we got a short space to breathe that it means that you can sit comfortably. The theme of this year is transition and transformation. We will continue to see all that we thought we knew crumble. Foundations and establishments will fall away and Rome will be burning to the ground.

Restlessness is part of the equation here. That energy needs to be productive. Tap into some of the earth energy to ground you and help you really have clarity. That Pisces Moon didn’t really give you the clarity that you think it did. It’s pretty euphoric to say the least, but not based in reality.

And with several planets in retrograde, now is not the time to leap forward anyway. We need to make sure that there are viable plans of action to navigate the next few months. Sometimes it’s cool to fly by the seat of your pants, sometimes, you need to plan the flight and the takeoff accordingly.