In English, “Adventure.”

Which, of course, is one of the best things about traveling and living Elsewhere Than Where You Grew Up.

You meet new people, see new things, find new ways, make new connections.

For instance, meeting Iva Bencun.

Pictured here, with her terrific son Ivano, on Saturday’s “Dugi…

Bog! (Hello!)

I got back to Croatia this week to begin the next of my three-month stints in this back-and-forth life between Croatia and California. Which I chronicled here on Medium throughout 2016 in a bunch of (non)chapters in a (non)book about why I love Croatia and why, in the…

Bog! (“Hi!” Bohhhg. Not “bog” as in a kind of swamp.)

Welcome to the first of these occasional pieces I’ll be occasionally writing, in addition to the (non)chapters of the (non)book I finished writing here on Medium this fall about my back-and-forth life between Croatia and California.

I’ve figured the…


This is the last regularly-scheduled-for-my-brain-to-write (non)chapter of this (non)book about the back-and-forth-mid-life living between California and Croatia.

[Because in 36 hours, I head off on the ferry to magical Dugi Otok (an island off the Zadar coast) for NaNoWriMo (National November/Novel Writing Month). To attempt, for . . …

It’s time again for me to interrupt the question-and-three-part-answer (non)chapter format of this (non)book about my back-and-forth-life between California and Croatia. With a little bit of adventure, travelogue, recommendations. And musings about love.

Because last weekend, I went here.

To the island of Korcula (missing an accent over the “c,”…


I’m back in Croatia!

Which explains my nearly month-long hiatus in posting another (non)chapter in this (non)book that I started here last spring, in this beginning year of my back-and-forth life between California and Croatia.

It’s been a gorgeous, heart-achingly beautiful two-and-a-half weeks of late summer/early fall temperatures and…


Former post-conviction death penalty defense attorney. Former wife. Current writer, artist, wanderer, grandma. And pretty damned happy person.

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