“ We are historically a Republican family, we are a farming family, we’re an NRA family.”

I would say there are plenty of people who are right of center, who didn’t vote for Trump and are appalled at the direction the current Republican Party is going. Being judgy and labeling all Republicans or conservatives the way you have is just as bad as people judging all Democrats and Liberals as Pro-abortion baby killers who want to take your guns. It does nothing to help the conversation move forward. It pushes people on both ends of the spectrum further into their own bubbles and reinforces their already made up minds that the other side is a lost cause. The people at the Town Hall for Tom Cotton this week were a diverse group of people who were mostly trying to hold Cotton and his crew accountable. They were Democrats, Republicans, Refugees, immigrants, mom’s, kids and even some supporters. Please don’t dismiss them and their viewpoints so callously.

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