There are going to be tears today. Tears of joy and relief for those who won the election. And tears of sadness, anger, frustration for those who didn’t . All worked hard to earn your vote, trudging through yard after yard to knock on your door, shake your hand, listen to your needs and maybe get a word in edgewise about themselves. They’ve braved barking snarling dogs, rude callers, hecklers all while keeping their energy and spirits up to make your trip to hear them speak worthy of your time.

Campaigning can be a rough, unpleasant experience. Most people won’t win. My heart goes out to candidates who agree to run in races where they know from the beginning their chances of winning are nil yet do it anyway so people like you and me have a choice to debate issues we all face together.

Over the past few weeks as I’ve taken up Elon Musk’s challenge to pass a law stating “Artificial Intelligence shall be beneficial to humanity,” I’ve had the honor of meeting and talking with Iowa candidates and campaign staff about artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence. I’ve seen the light go on in more than one set of eyes as they begin to understand both the concerns and the amazing future we have ahead of us if we get this right.

This may be the last election where artificial intelligence does not play a significant role choosing candidates, guiding our thoughts and perceptions regarding those candidates, even setting the priority issues and party platforms.

So after the tears, the hugs, the goodbyes, and no less than three days/nights of sleep we’ll begin to wake up to a new reality. There is still work to do. This new AI law requires we all work together, each of us doing what comes easiest to us, what we do best, for the good of all.

Join us in helping get this law passed. #NoOneLeftBehind