Stop Asking If I’m Still Single
Deborah Kristina

Men Today EXPECT and DEMAND Sex.

It’s hard to WANT to date when you describe the men of today, many of whom I seem to have met myself. The expectation, no, downright demands of sexual gratification upon first meeting a man are disgustingly inappropriate. The sadder part is loads of women now just go with it because they fear not having a man in their life. No thanks, all set. Like you, sex for me comes as an accessory (love that term) to love and a relationship. I cannot fall in love or fake feelings for a man I have just met. I ALWAYS tell men BEFORE we agree to a date, “If you’re looking for a quick piece of ass or a ‘netflix and chill aka booty call type of woman or relationship, please keep moving and let’s not waste each other’s time because I am NOT that woman. I never was and I never will be. It is what it is and I am who I am and no one has ever been able to change me.” ALWAYS I heard, “Oh, that’s not what I am looking for and it’s a nice change to meet a woman with ‘morals’.” OR “It’s so nice to meet an old-fashioned woman today.” Yeaaaah buddy, sure, until we get to the designated date venue and y’all turn into complete walking penises and suddenly you’re demanding sexual gratification. Even when we pay our own way, we still are termed “dinner whores”. It’s disgusting and degrading. Why would I want to repeatedly keep putting myself into those situations? I don’t, I won’t and I also am tired of the relentless, “Oh you’ll meet someone.” Uhm, no, I won’t because I am not looking. “It will happen when you least expect it.” Uhm, no, it won’t unless some magical man suddenly appears at my door and he’s, ah, willing to put in the time, effort and work in getting to know each other and allowing feelings to grow. Which won’t happen as far as my experience has been in this sickening online world of dating and instant porn gratification men use — but they all insist it will happen. *SMH* I just give up responding, a fake smile and a nod of the head is all that I am going to provide now.

I’ve had close male, gay friends pretty much gang up on me at my own house, when I was completing low dose chemo spit at me, “Oh, she’ll be fine, all she needs is a dick in her.” Needless to say, they are no longer friends.

AMEN AMEN AMEN! We are NOT lesser females because we choose to remain single. Nor are we less of a female because we aren’t having children by choice, because some flat downright do NOT want children nor because some of us could not have children. We are not lesser females because we are childless, however, society as a whole will see us this way.