3. I’ve always thought since my teens that sex is only an accessory to a relationship (and why does every man I meet expect to have sex at least on the second date?)
Stop Asking If I’m Still Single
Deborah Kristina

OMG this is exactly the issue today with dating?!?! When did it suddenly become a sort of payment or obligation to lay down with any and all men who you do go on a date with? Some of the ones I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of going on a date have downright demanded a parking lot blow job AFTER walking out on the bar tab!!!! He’s lucky he still has balls left between his legs.

I am DONE dating and can’t say I miss it at all. This is so right on and why are we made to feel as if we are LESS of a woman if we CHOOSE to remain single. Forget if a woman decides she doesn’t want to have children, now you’re somewhat flawed and selfish and all kinds of other bullshit.

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