If we really cared about helping immigrants assimilate, we would offer them free English classes and better support the public schools that educate them.
What immigrants are taking from us.
Robin Chancer

We have so many ESL FREE classes here and yet they are empty. Yes, empty. If the kids are eager to learn, then the parents refuse to learn. In my state, nah, never mind. It wouldn’t make any difference in your mind.

P.S. I personally think that any child (aka anchor baby) who is born here to illegal immigrants shouldn’t be afforded the right to be US citizens in the first place. That would solve the issue of separating families, right? Send the entire family intact back to where they immigrated illegally from.

Laws are laws whether we agree with them or not, they’re there for a reason. Work to change the laws, sure, but in the meantime, obey and enforce the existing laws.

Parents who are here illegally aren’t really thinking about the possible damage to their children if they’re deported, are they?

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