10 Tips For Breaking into NGO Photography #PHO616

  1. Get an NGO Portfolio, focused on NGO work.
  2. Learn to shoot in low and harsh lighting.
  3. Learn hot to story-tell with your images.
  4. Start learning about relief and development.
  5. Do your research on different NGOs.
  6. Learn what types of photographs NGO’s are using right now.
  7. Learn from other NGO photographers work
  • What stands out about their work to me?
  • How are their photographs similar/different from photojournalism and my work?
  • What lens choices and how does this impact the image?
  • How are they telling a story?
  • How does the viewer respond to the image?
  • How do the images make me feel?

8. Speak to/email other photographers.

9. Get business together.

10. Decide how much you’re going to charge.

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