Artist Statements #PHO616

What is an artist Statement?

It could be anything from background information to a discription of your artistic process, but should accompany your work or style and help others understand it.

What you want your statement to do:

  • Attract interest.
  • Reflect your art.
  • Help you in continuing to make Art
  • Make you proud when you read it!

Top Tips!

  • Don’t make it sound like all the others.. for example do not start your statement with ‘My work explores…’
  • Dont make it boring or allow it to drone on, keeping it short and to the point will make sure people are not put off by the length of the text or just skim read it.
  • Tell the truth. Put on paper exactly what you think or feel about the work.
  • Don’t waste this opportunity you have to actually say something about your work.
  • Don’t beat around the bush or be worried to go straight in with the core of the art’s meaning.
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