Copyright And Licensing #PHO616

Above is a simple plan of a Licence to Use form, something that will have to be filled in every time an image is sold.

Included in this form is:

  • Photographers Name
  • Agency
  • Photographers ref number
  • Date
  • Art order number
  • Discription of the product/images
  • The buyers details
  • The license in which it is being covered
  • The terms of the licence including, where the images are used geographically and in which type of media form they are used. It also covers the time peirod and the rights to credit
  • Exclusivity clause
  • signatures

Other precautions you can take include, using water marks or IPTC to cover your images from invalid usage.

A few more things to know are:

  • Licensing is a ‘usage agreement’.
  • Be clear on how your images are going to be used, where and how long for.
  • Transactional license is more use = more money!
  • Without copyright we wouldn’t be paid.
  • Copyright holders have the right to sell, rent or lease copyright for financial gain.

More information on this can be found easily online. A couple good places to start if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on this area are:

London Freelance this website contains a huge variety of information including pricing etc.

Gov Website is also a great website for simple, easy to understand key knowledge on most legal based things you may have questions about.

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