How to get a Photography Commission for an NGO. #PHO616

  1. RESEARCH- know the NGOs you want to work for.
  2. Know the photography they use.
  3. Don’t just aim for the dream commission, start small and work your way up.
  4. Who is a picture editor? Find out who you need to impress!
  5. Pressure for time, editors are busy, you need to make a quick to the point way of getting their attention.
  6. How to contact. Short, to the point, friendly email, link in website, follow up with phone call 1 week- 10 days later.
  7. Timing! Don’t contact NGO’s in the middle of a disaster.
  8. Photography plus, have other skills that help you stand out.
  9. After the first meeting, use Linkedin, twitter- not personal facebook accounts.
  10. Base yourself overseas. Being based somewhere that NGO’s work would save them money on flights and put you ahead of people.
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