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This is an article to give a bit of an insight of what were the reasons and steps that made my decision to use React Native in our Product 2.0

If you are interested to know more about BlueCall, myself or why I am writing this article, you can scroll down to the end of this article.

I believe every technology has its place, time and moment to be used. There are many angles to be considered and the person making those decisions is in a unique situation, very difficult to be compared with the one of others.

My situation is a small early stage startup, finding our place, finding out what our users need, like, hate and use. This means we are iterating a lot, doing a lot of changes and sending a lot of versions. This is done with the smallest team possible, because we are early stage and money is tight. …


Tamara Bernad

Co-Founder & CTO at BlueCall

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