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With iOS 13, Apple finally opened the SDK to write data on some of the most popular NFC chips.

Thankfully one of the most popular (and to my knowledge, only) NFC React Native libraries, react-native-nfc-manager, also added (some) support to do this. Let’s see how it works in practice!

TL;DR 1: Too lazy to read? Watch the video:

TL;DR 2: Just want the code? Here is the code!

Installing the Library

Installation is actually super simple. First, we need to add the module via npm.

npm i --save react-native-nfc-manager

For Android, that’s it. For iOS, you have to do a couple of extra steps. …

In August I challenged myself to create a Slot Machine App in React Native that is not just a proof of concept, but ready for the app store. Relatively quickly I managed to create the basics: a “Spin” button and a set of reels that animate smoothly when you press the button. I was also able to add the logic for evaluating the reels after the spin. If you missed you can watch the first two parts here and here.

When it comes to apps (or any development really) I usually make a POC, to see if the idea is even possible, then I reach out to my designer to create something that I can work with. In this case he had a pretty busy September so the graphics were coming along VERY slowly. …

Break away from Helvetica, and give your users something more interesting to read

Up until React Native 0.60, I was using package.json and RNPM to add my custom fonts to my projects.

Since 0.60, however, I was greeted with the following warning on every build:

warn Your project is using deprecated "rnpm" config that will stop working from next release. Please use a "react-native.config.js" file to configure the React Native CLI.

The solution is actually pretty simple, and I thought it warranted a short article.

Step 1: Adding the Assets

As a first step, create an assets folder in the root of your project. …

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