Dinner, Energy and a Hindu Priest

When you accept a dinner invitation from a person you met on Twitter, you never know what you are going to expect. I all knew was the address, what time to show up and that I didn’t need to bring anything. After ignoring that last instruction and bringing a couple bottles of wine, I got to meet some very interesting people. None more interesting to me than the person I sat next to at dinner. A Hindu priest.

Our table had some lively conversation about a variety of topics but one that really stuck with me was about how Dandapani, the Hindu priest I sat next to, explained energy. Just like money, we have a limited amount of energy and need to decide how we want to use it. It takes energy to make love, to maintain a relationship, to get angry, etc. We all have a budget for how our money is spent, so why aren’t we budgeting our energy. My question to him was, “Is it possible to increase your energy?” His answer was yes, but it would take practice. I guess there is no lottery windfall when it comes to energy.

Please enjoy this video of Dandapani talking about why you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending time with the energy vampires.