What If Islam Never Existed?

Tamer Aydogdu
4 min readOct 31, 2023

Imagine a universe where Islam never existed. In this alternate reality, it is highly likely that the Middle East would be Christian since Christianity was the dominant religion in the region for centuries before the rise of Islam, and it is likely that it would have remained so without the Islamic conquest.

However, it is also likely that Christianity in the Middle East would be quite different from Christianity in Europe where Christianity has been shaped by centuries of interaction with other religions and cultures, including Paganism. As a result, it has developed a number of unique doctrines and practices.

Middle Eastern Christianity, on the other hand, would have developed in isolation from other denominations and retained a closer connection to its Jewish roots. Perhaps, it would have developed some unique doctrines and practices of its own.

So, in this alternate universe, the Middle East would be Christian, but it would be a different kind of Christianity, which is mostly shaped by Romans, than the Christianity that we know today. The conflict between different denominations of Christianity would be just as intense, if not more so. Both sides would call each other heretics, and they would be willing to fight to the death to defend their beliefs.

To understand the dynamics of this alternative universe let’s dive into the lives of Al-Amins and the Al-Husseins.

The Tail of Two Denominations

In our alternative universe, the Al-Amins and the Al-Husseins are two Christian families who have lived in the same village in the Middle East for centuries. They are both devout Christians, but they belong to different denominations. The Al-Amins are Syriac Orthodox Christians, while the Al-Husseins are Roman Catholic Christians.

The two denominations have different beliefs about a number of theological issues, including the nature of Christ and the role of the Virgin Mary. They also have different practices, such as the language of worship and the way that the Eucharist is celebrated.

Despite their differences, the Al-Amins and the Al-Husseins have always lived peacefully together. They have intermarried and socialized with each other for generations. However, the conflict between…



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