You and Your Sexual Orientation

Tamer Aydogdu
7 min readNov 4, 2023

Sexual orientation is a complex and personal aspect of our identity, encompassing a wide range of feelings, attractions, and emotions that vary from person to person. It’s crucial that we work towards a world that celebrates this diversity, respecting and honoring each individual’s right to define their own sexual orientation. Regardless of whether someone identifies as straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or any other label, it is not for anyone else to question or define.

Array of Sexual Identities

The way people feel attracted to others is a lot more than just being straight or gay. It’s like a big mix of feelings and connections that’s different for everyone. Some people like those of the opposite sex (that’s being straight). Others are into people of the same sex (that’s being gay). Then there are folks who are attracted to both or all genders (that’s bisexual or pansexual). And there are some who don’t feel much or any sexual attraction (that’s asexual).

What’s interesting is that these feelings might change over time for some folks. What someone feels today might be different later on as they figure things out about themselves. It’s not about being confused; it’s just that how people feel about others can be complicated and can change.

Understanding that everyone’s experience with attraction is unique is important. It helps us respect and support people, no matter who they’re attracted to. Everyone’s feelings about attraction are personal and can be different, and that’s totally fine.

You Are Who You Say You Are

The ability to determine and express one’s sexual orientation is a crucial part of personal freedom and self-empowerment. Just like we would respect an individual’s right to define their own race, religious beliefs, or how they see their gender, it’s equally important to honor someone’s definition of who they are attracted to. Nobody should have the authority to force labels or assumptions onto someone regarding their sexual identity, whether it’s society, family, friends, or anyone else.



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