Suspension of Disbelief
Hannah Holmes


I deeply appreciate your response to this question. It’s awesome that you have done a lot of soul-searching to find what it means for you to be a Christian artist. The very idea of being a Christian artist is a confusing one indeed because we all have a preconceived notion of what on earth that means. We want to be free, and not limited, in how we express ourselves, yet being labeled a “Christian artist” seems to automatically place limits on that expression. As primarily a visual artist, I’ve been wrestling with this question since very early on in my journey as a Christian.

What on earth does Christian art look like for me? Does it mean painting Jesus pictures for the rest of my life? When I had started seriously pursuing art in college, that was the idea, so I was not inclined to put the two together. At least, not yet. Nine years later, I look at my work and somehow the gospel has always been embedded in it, even if it wasn’t in your face and screaming, “Jesus!” to the audience. I hope your post is an encouragement to others searching for answers to the same question as it was to me.

God bless and to God be the glory, always.

A fellow artist in Christ.