Be careful what you wish for!!

How does your brain respond to no pressure!

The core of this Idea is a self constructed hypothesis that the logic level needed to understand, believe and apply an almost positively believed good value; is a much more complex logic than the one needed for a disapproved value in which epitomized as a behavior!
It comes from a pleasure wise vision! I think that the more pure and original the pleasure is, the more it is hard to be understood and gained. So the lower are the levels of pleasant feelings , the easier they are be achieved so there are more inclination toward them which I believe they appears as phenomena known as sinister acts!

Any how, as soon as you grow a value in such a high level that has been categorized as a belief, you are probably using more of your brain to understand the joy of that high level manner in which came with lot more efforts and hard work in every aspects you could imangine!

The problematic issue is the emerge of temptation as a deceiver! The temptation actually is the phenomenon of that lower level of logic needed to feel a pleasure!

So you are using lots of your brain to understand the pleasure which is more origin one! If you would want to consistently feel the pleasure, you have to put your mind under a ton of pressure to work out the logic in that high level!

Then comes the temptation! you start to get tired and craving for a relief breath! You are pushing hard to achieve something original! But the pressure keeps coming! Are you going to be deceived?!

At some point you make a firm choice! And what if it’s a “give up” sign!

What a relief you say! What a joy! The pressure is gone!

Now you are relieved! Now you feel more free!

But what happened to the “pleasure”!! Now you are getting pleasure! less origin! Then probably you go to your brain and say “dear brain, lets gear up again dude!” and probably your brain is going to tell you “OHHHH, NOT AGAIN”! So what you are going to do is sacrificing quality for quantity! You keep pleasuring yourself via a lower logic system and eventually become addicted to this pleasure!

It’s probably very hard to regain your logical strength after the relief your brain experienced! Your beloved and believed values start to fall down!

SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR and protect your good values!