Forget the knowledge, Cognition is what matters

Knowledge is good, but not great. Though it’s a big claim which I am making here!

According to the meaning, knowledge is the the process of knowing and in a higher level, understanding a matter, an issue, an object ect….

Probably the most common way of mastering knowledge by the propaganda of the education schools and systems is studying in all forms. Of course it’s not reduced to only reading scientific text books or references. It includes activities like watching TV shows, attending educational programs and workshops and anything which informs you by “information” and sums it up by a tag named “knowledge”. All of the above instances have one thing in common. They all a prepared “answer” to some previously asked “questions” that you had no intention to ask and answer.

This systematic introduction of daily encounter with answers and questions will definitely enhance your knowledge, you will know “this” or “that”. But at the same time it will make your mind a little bit lazy about producing things. Most importantly producing “questions”. If you have precise look at the history of science in any category, right questions were the key points to the big revolutions rather than the answers. Answers would come; immediately or gradually. One day after the question, one year, one decade or even a century. It doesn’t matter! What matters is the making of movement in order to answer the right question. The valuable different “vision” it provides to the issue or in a bigger picture, to the world.

As the accumulative knowledge approach has taken over the education system over all, we have graduates who necessarily don’t have an unique vision to their field of study. “The vision” I’m speaking of is a unique way of looking to an object, with deep and self produced definitions of things involved with the object and it leads them to a “real cognition”.

As for reaching this level of cognition you need to recourse to critical thinking. You need to doubt anything, doubt the answers, doubt the questions and come to a critical point of view over any observation you have. Then you can transform your knowledge to a cognition and become a content producer for yourself.