Iran and a challenge called TEAMWORK

There were always some cliches about horrid performance of Iranians as a team. It includes variety examples such as disastrous results in team sports, unsuccessful giant projects, over rated individualist educational system and ect.

But why?!
What comes in the following could be a new vision to look at this problem.

The biggest society which surrounds Iranian which comes together under the name “NATION” and is ruled under the power of a Government may has the answer to our question.
After the collapse of the great Persian empire (650 AD); almost all of the political entities of Iran were in a weak position in respect of political relations both inside and outside the country.
And when the system doesn’t work dynamically proper it will face a big challenge in providing resources for its people.
When this happens, some kind of political corruption will be born and there for comes a great gap between normal people and the small elite society of people with a closer relation with the government and with benefits of some economic rent.

Resources are very limited and their allocation goes to that elite whom were mentioned beforehand.

The point is here, the vast majority of people under same identity as a nation never see the government’s expediency as the trivial society and team in which surround a human in their favor!

There it will not be a surprising conclusion that we come to an agreement on this assumption in which tells us people do not care anymore for what the big picture will be. Never care for the benefits of a bigger team they are included. They just want to have as much as possible as their own share of something that never shared in a fair and square way.

The government was never fair to them, neither the society and nor even their own families.

Normal people under such a cruel circumstances grow an obsession in them and its result is obvious in their teamworks. They destroy a team in order to do good for their own sakes!

Only strongest persons have such a dedication to a team and most of the times they are a victim in our society!