Howdy folks,

Tami here, your trusty CX Geek from Down Under! 👋

After recently wrapping up what was a pretty epic journey leading Customer Success (CS) for a young tech startup, I’ve been spending some time getting to know the leaders of some really exciting startups in Australia as I begin to map out the next chapter in my career.

One of the most common questions I’m being asked by founders is “What are some of the key lessons I’ve learned so far?” which is what has ultimately inspired today’s ramble (err, I mean, post).

So, with this mind, here are 4 game-changing lessons I learned while leading Customer Success for a young startup! …

During a recent coffee date with a friend, I was reminded of a career-defining moment of mine which helped me realise the true power of doing the right thing for your customers, even when it means losing a sale.

My hope is that by sharing this story with you, you will not only feel inspired to change the way you do business but that you will also have a better understanding of why Customer Experience is a long-term investment that, when done right, comes with benefits that are unparalleled.

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A customer, a competitor and a pair of jeans walk into a bar….

Once upon a time on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, there lived a young, ambitious (and mildly opinionated) Store Manager named Tami who was counting down the seconds until it was time to clock off, when a woman in her early 30s (we’ll call her Wendy) approached her and…

Howdy folks,

Tami here, your trusty CX Geek from down under (that’s pronounced ‘down undah’ for those who aren’t fluent in Aussie! 🙃).

Today’s post is an open letter, of sorts, to the leaders of companies around the globe who hope to become a customer-first organisation and are looking to hire their first Customer Experience (CX) or Customer Success (CS) Leader to help them along the way.

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“Dear Leaders,

As you can see, we’re now living in a world where consumers are armed with more knowledge, more options, and ultimately more power than ever before, which means that putting their experiences and needs above all else is the only way to ensure that you remain their first choice for the product/service you offer.


Tami Titheridge

I love working with early stage startups, helping them to grow by designing and executing awesome customer experiences and customer success strategies.

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