You find yourself in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit); your baby has come into the world prematurely and suddenly your “perfect” pregnancy takes on an entirely new definition: that of being the parent of a premature baby. …

In the world of ringing bells, alarms, and sick babies, at first it may seem that advocating for your baby is impossible and unimportant — especially because the majority of us have no medical training. Advocating in the purest sense of the word is speaking on behalf of someone else, typically someone who cannot speak for themselves — in this case, your child.

Why Do I Need to Advocate? I Trust the Doctors.

While your baby’s caregivers are highly skilled and qualified, they are not staring at your baby day in and day out, watching his every move, hanging on…

Tami Gaines

Tami Gaines is the author of Preemie Parents, 26 Ways to Grow with Your Premature Baby. You can learn more at

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