A First Moment

I am not a photographer by an means. I don’t have the creative eye where I see something and think “Wow, that would be a perfect picture.” I am not able to catching images in the right light or the right angle and I am okay with that.

One image I wish I captured, or anyone captured for that matter, is an image of me with my Papa when I was born. My Papa was my best friend, someone I could always turn to when I needed something, someone who understood my in ways that my other family members didn’t. He would call me every day after school and ask me how my studies were going and at the time I was learning to speak Spanish, a language he was fluent in, and he would ask me to speak to him in Spanish and then correct whatever I did wrong. It was a wonderful experience, something I would never give up.

My Papa died when I was 15 and I was destroyed, completely heartbroken. I recently moved and my family was looking through old family photos. My Mom pulled out photos of my Papa with my brother and sister after they were born. Seeing his face, holding them, and the happiness in the moment was a tear jerker and I couldn’t wait to see mine. Except, I never had one. I don’t know if the moment was missed or he held me after they left the hospital but there was never a picture of the two of us when I was born. I know that I was the first to be with my Mom and I also know the moments we were born was chaos, I mean we were the first ever triplets born in the hospital and people were amazed. So there was a lot going on.

To be honest, if I could travel back in time, I would go to the moment and get a picture. I can’t exactly say way or if it would be most treasured item but seeing the pictures of him with my siblings and not me made me incredible sad. I know he loved us all the same and I know he was around when I was born but I just was sad when I didn’t have the same picture as my siblings.

Getting a picture of him holding me, seeing the joy in his face, capturing the moment that he was able to see and hold and love his first grandchild for the first time would just be a perfect picture in my eye.

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