Learning New Moves

Magic in 2018!

Sonia, dancing at her workshop

At the beginning of every new year, I always feel a surge of enthusiasm and hope. I feel hopeful to have another chance to live life better, enjoy each day more, have more fun, laugh a lot and dance at least once every day. Of course, any resolutions or intentions we make require our participation. Our intentions may be noble and loaded with potential, but they will forever remain locked in our imagination unless we engage with them in a purposeful way. In other words, we must learn new moves. And therein lies the challenge.

Years ago, I attended a workshop where the teacher, Sonia Choquette, would randomly ask us to get up and dance. She would be talking about something, then pause, and the next thing I knew, music began playing. She invited us to dance however we wanted to. At first, I felt self-conscious and rather silly. I also looked around at other people: some were standing still, looking completely horrified, while others were blissfully involved in their own dance party. Eventually, my body began to respond and move on its own. At some point, my mind stopped chattering as I became totally involved in the rhythm and sound and beat. It was then I felt “lift off,” and my spirit soared. I released my resistance to change, let go of holding on, and let my imagination take over as it created new moves.


So, when I attended yet another Sonia workshop this past year, I was delighted to learn even more about “new moves.” She brought a guest speaker — a French magician. He not only showed us tricks that would blow your mind, he also taught us about imagination, creativity and about constantly creating new connections. For two hours, we literally moved our bodies in all kinds of new ways (backwards, forwards, crawling on the floor!) and stretched our imagination beyond anything we had ever experienced. What felt uncomfortable at first soon became joyful discovery of what is possible. I left the workshop with an open mind, feeling ready for a fresh start.

In 2018, I plan to incorporate as many new moves as possible to rewire all my circuits. I am letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me and am inviting in fresh ideas that inspire and delight my senses. What new moves will you make this year? Butzi, the French magician who lives a magical life every day, recommends these tips to get us started:

  • Give a chance to ideas that seem impossible, absurd or stupid.
  • Ask yourself (What if) … as a child would do!
  • Tell yourself: “Yes, it is impossible … unless…”
  • Create new connections all the time!
  • Write down all your ideas!
  • Do the opposite if you are stuck!

In 2018, let’s find the magic in every moment!

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